Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask: First Impressions

There’s a fun facemask that has been making the rounds of the internet- the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay mask. The purpose of the mask is to deep cleanse the pores and provide hydration. The videos I’ve seen circulating of various beauty vloggers trying this mask made me laugh, so of COURSE I had to purchase it for myself to try.

Application was simple, and the mask began working within seconds of application. This is a mask that does not require 15+ minutes of wear; the directions say a simple 3-5 minutes does the trick. I had the mask on for approximately 10 minutes from application to removal, because I am admittedly a bit ‘extra’.

I’ll go ahead and break it down into pros and cons, and overall experience.

PROS: The mask goes on smoothly, and works quickly. There is no weird odor, as is the case with some masks. There is a bubbling sensation, and it is slightly itchy, but it does not leave the skin red or irritated. When it is time to rinse it off, the mask lathers into a silky foam that washes away leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft, and clean.

CONS: It tastes terrible. Do not recommend putting it near your lips. The plastic paddle that it comes with makes spreading more difficult, it would be easier to just scoop and apply with your fingers or a liquid foundation brush.

OVERALL: I rate this 9/10. I absolutely plan to make this a regular part of my skincare regimen. I wish the container came in bigger sizes, but there seems to be enough mask for 4-5 applications in one jar. Using this once weekly, you could put it on a scheduled monthly purchase and delivery with no problems.

TIPS FOR USE: Apply this quickly. As I mentioned in the CONS section, application with the little plastic paddle is difficult, so I would use my fingers in the future for quick, even application. Use this product right before a shower or bath- it will make rinsing it off so much easier. I rinsed it in my sink the first time, and I severely underestimated the amount of frothy lather that would happen when I added the warm water. If you just jump in the shower and wash it off there, the bubbles won’t make a mess of your sink (and clothes!).

Below is the video of my first time using this product, and my first impressions which are summarized above.


Happy Masking!


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