Well, obviously, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. Both on here and on the YT channel, and I’ve really slowed down on the Instagram side as well. I’ve been really throwing myself into my work for the past several months, and I haven’t really had the time or the energy to sit down and continue to document life. But now that I’ve gotten used to the work flow and it is much more manageable now, I find that I am able to have a bit of free time again.

To update briefly on the things that have happened in life since December:

  • We said goodbye to more incredible people, most recently one of my dearest friends, Denise. She passed last week of Breast Cancer. I’ve been in an emotional rut since then, and my heart honestly can’t take any more loss for a long time. I’m honestly just coping as well as I can, but it’s like I’ve lost a major part of myself with her passing. At least I know she’s not in pain anymore. She is at peace.
  • Ryan and I went on our first ever trip away without the kids- for a family wedding. We were gone for 2 1/2 days, and they did marvelously without us. Makes us want to get away more often!
  • I took over the social media content and web content for Concierge Doulas of South FL (this is where most of my time and energy has been!). I’ve also been pretty busy with clients, both on the photography side and the doula side.
  • Robbie and Caroline officially got accepted into the private school of our choice for next year (Caroline we knew would be a shoo-in, but for Robbie to continue attending there, they are very selective about who moves up. So it was a big deal for him to get to stay there!).
  • We threw around some huge words, like “moving” and “home-owners” and “adventures” and “2018”. The words themselves aren’t so big, but the weight they pull? Enormous. Everything is still up in the air, and will be for at LEAST 6 more months… so you won’t get any more details on this bit for a while. Sorry!
  • Caroline got her first haircut!

All in all, it’s been an interesting and busy few months. I’m hopeful that the next few months will be full of amazing things for our whole family! I have a few posts to add to our Project 501 total, and I am planning to return to YouTube soon as well. But we’ll see- we all know how busy life can get!

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