#Project501 | 2017 Catch-up Edition

So, if you are new here, you are probably wondering what Project 501 is. In a nutshell, Project 501 is a massive bucket list of 501 things I want to do with my children at some point. It covers things from skipping rocks and sidewalk chalk to international travel. I’ve broken the list down into basic categories for easier perusal, but the full list is here! 

To make the master list even simpler, I’ve broken it down into yearly categories as well. Obviously, we are a few months into 2017, so it figures that I’ve crossed some of the items off of our list for this year. This blog is going to cover those.

Go to a Play AND Meet a Storybook Character

This is one of those list items that I will keep checking off the list regularly. But for 2017, it was our first family play of the year! We went and saw The House at Pooh Corner at the Amaturo Theatre in Ft. Lauderdale. It was adorable. After the show was over, the characters came to the lobby for a meet and greet. Caroline wanted to meet them, but Robbie held back and wasn’t as interested. If anything, he was a little scared. I only was able to snap photos of Charlie with Princess Readsalot and with Tigger, but she was in awe. She just wanted to hug them all.

DIY Finger Paint

This is a fun one. DIY finger paint is actually SO easy to make, and easy to clean up. You’ll need

4 TBSP of sugar
1/2 CUP of Cornstarch
2 CUPS of Water

Mix the sugar, cornstarch, and water together in a pot over medium heat. Stir slowly until mixture thickens – it will continue to thicken as it cools, so don’t wait too long! Remove from heat and separate into smaller containers (I used a muffin tin for simplicity). Add food coloring and stir. Let it cool until it is not hot to the touch. Voila! Non-toxic, DIY finger paint. Give your kids some paper and let them go to town.

Sidewalk Chalk

Yeah, sidewalk chalk. For the longest time, we didn’t have a place to DO sidewalk chalk. We didn’t have a sidewalk or driveway that was just ours. But for the past year, we have, so recently I finally broke out the chalk. There was a lot of wonder and excitement involved, and then one of them (I won’t mention names, I’ll just let you guess) tried to eat the chalk, and the other one decided to try and color the dogs. But overall, it was a success!

Marathon Harry Potter

If there aren’t pictures, did it even happen? I assure you- it did. We were all sick with Strep and ear infections back in January, so we did what any sane family full of illness does. We sat on our couch and marathon watched Harry Potter. And I’m willing to bet we will marathon it again.

Go to Miami Zoo

We did one better than just go to the zoo. We loved it so much, we got a year membership! We’ve been 3 times this year already, and are planning to go back again on Monday. Here’s a few of my favorite captures from our trips there so far.

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