Whole30 | Day 2

According to the Whole30 guide, day 2 begins the “Hangover” days. And boy, did I feel it! Thankfully, my fav guy let me sleep in (till 10! shhhh don’t tell anyone). But I essentially feel like I got hit by a truck. When I finally got up and went to stand, my legs were all wobbly and I felt like I couldn’t quite get my eyes open. All this, after ONE day of all-healthy food choices.

I had half a mind to say “screw this, I’m going to go make some pancakes!” But the other half of my mind, thankfully, won the battle and saved the day. I sat down to breakfast with a plate of apple, peach, and banana slices, and a handful of almonds. I didn’t manage to get a photo, because I was still running on E and I was more focused on not dying on my kitchen floor than aesthetics.

img_9271For lunch, I whipped up a Whole30 compliant Tuna Salad, wrapped in lettuce leaves with some red onion and tomato. That was delicious, and I have a bit leftover for lunch tomorrow. My leftovers from dinner will make up the other half of tomorrow’s lunch.

img_9298And speaking of dinner- tonight I whipped up garlic shrimp and broccoli,  with a side of raw carrots. It was good! Surprisingly, I’ve found that I am quite full and satisfied after these meals. I was honestly expecting to still feel hungry and not quite done. But so far, so good!

Tomorrow, according to the general guidelines, is another “Hangover” day, followed by the beginning of “Kill all the Things”. I am SUPER nervous about that phase, for sure. I already warned those closest to me about it, and thankfully I don’t have anything major planned during the time it’s supposed to hit. The guidelines do say that some people experience shorter or longer phases than others, so I’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings! But day 2/30 is COMPLETE!

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