Whole30 | Days 3 – 5

Well, here’s the latest Whole30 update! I’m still going strong, here at the end of day 5. By the end of day 3, “The Hangover” was intense, and by the morning of day 4, I was sitting squarely in the land of “Kill all the Things”, as predicted. Needless to say, I did not have the patience to sit and write about how miserable I was feeling. I did manage to update briefly on my Facebook on the afternoon of Day 4.


That’s right. While emotionally and mentally I certainly noticed the shifts, it was the physical side effects that really kicked my pants these last few days. We are about to get a little TMI up in here, so buckle up.

The constipation associated with this lifestyle change is NO JOKE. I have never been this painfully constipated in my life. It hurts to move, it hurts to breathe. And nothing that is Whole30 compliant is resolving it, even extra strength laxatives. It’s super gross, I know. But I’ve gotta be real with y’all. This hurts. The cravings for delicious food like donuts, pizza, and lattes are intense… but they don’t even hold a candle to the pain of thinking you’ve gotta go right now or you’ll be too late, and then you get there and try for 30 agonizing minutes with no luck at all. It’s awful. It has me wanting to throw in the towel completely and say “screw this. No diet is worth this!

It doesn’t help that I keep having vivid dreams about all the delicious foods I’m not allowed to have. Even simple things, like a side of black beans and rice, or pita bread to dip in my guac. Instead, I’m over here with yet another carrot stick, praying that this will help a little.

In short, I’m feeling the misery. Tomorrow, according to the projected timeline, I’m going to feel fatigued and just want to nap. That can’t happen, since we are spending the entirety of tomorrow at the zoo. I’ll be packing a picnic lunch for all of us, so I won’t even be tempted by the food at the restaurants there. I don’t trust myself enough not to just cave.

I’m struggling. I’m plowing through one day at a time, and I’m really, really hoping that by the end of this 30 days, I’ll be able to look back and say “wow. It was hard but worth it. Now I know I can create healthy boundaries with foods, and stick with them.”  So, here’s to pushing through one more tomorrow.

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