Whole30 | days 8-13

I was going to write this update last night, but I wound up falling asleep. Such is life! 

Here I sit, day 13 of my Whole30 journey. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I’m feeling great- full of energy, and my cravings are waaaayyyy less. I still look at a pizza and drool (like last night when Ryan ordered pizza for himself and the kids, I was so jealous) but I’m able to say “no”. And that feels good. 

Easter was a bit of a struggle, with all the delicious foods that are typically served, and the candies… but my mom was super thoughtful and kept literally the whole meal except for the dinner rolls Whole30 compliant. So that made it WAY easier to enjoy the holiday with my family without the crazy temptation.  I was worried about making it through without slipping (jelly beans are my jam!) but I did it. 

I did it. I’m doing it. 

In non-scale victories, I put on a pair of size 20 jeans today that I was saving for “after”… and they are a bit too big! They slid right on without even having to unbutton them. For reference, I started my overall fitness journey at 24, and 2 weeks ago, was comfortably in 22. I had the size 20 as a motivator. Now it looks like I need to get some 18s just to have for everyday, and maybe a 16 as a motivator! 

And I know it’s 1 day early, but here’s my “2 weeks in” progress photo. The first is compared to day 1, and the second is compared to last week. I’m having a bit of bloating, and I’m sure it’s due to some hormonal changes. 

Speaking of hormones, my skin has cleared up a lot. I was really struggling with redness and breakouts before I started. Now, I still have a little, but it is SO much better than when I began. I’m wondering what the next 2 weeks will do! 

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