FAMILY, Personal Thoughts

Summer is almost gone!

Damn… I didn’t blog personally at ALL this summer! Whoops.

A lot happened- business picked up even more, we went on an awesome vacation, and I did a lot of personal growth. So, to briefly recap, since pictures are each worth 1,000 words (although if you follow me on Instagram, some of these are old news)…

We went to New Hampshire

We’ve spent a ton of time at the beach and in the pool

We finally laid Nana to rest

And I’ve spent a LOT of time working (I don’t exactly have photos of that, sorry).

We’ve been busy little bees! So much of my business lately has come from work, which I love. I’ve taken on a ‘side hustle’ if you will, as a ghostwriter. So in addition to doing all the writing and marketing for Concierge Doulas (the agency I work with), I also am taking on paid freelance writing and design projects. And MAN, does that feel great! Since I’ve been writing so much, I wanted to get back into more of a personal ‘journal’ type feel. Yes, this blog is mostly about the kids and our family stuff, but I’m also wanting a space to just put my everyday thoughts. Maybe I’ll create a separate space for that; I’m unsure at this time. I want it all to flow, and be branded well. I’ll update on that as it becomes important.

Life is good great, and I am SO thankful for that.

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