Back to School! Week 1 Recap.

Well, the first week of school is over. I’m sitting here on this blustery Saturday, a bit confused at how quickly the week blew by. Overall, the first week was a roaring success for both kids, even though we certainly had our fair share of bumps along the way.


Monday, Robert started Kindergarten. He was so excited to begin this next stage of his schooling. He looked so sharp with his uniform on, and we got to school EARLY on his first day! Because it was the first day, I was allowed to walk him into his class to snap some photos. His teacher this year is Ms. (Corieta) McGlashen, and she is absolutely lovely. Robert’s seat is front and center, which is vital for him to be able to learn. We realized very quickly in his last few years in the preschool program at PCA that if he isn’t front and center, he gets easily distracted. …No clue where he could possibly have inherited that from!… His first day went well, but that’s about all I was able to get out of him at pickup time. He seemed pretty tired. He did express some sadness that his two best friends aren’t at the same school this year, but he was hopeful about bonding with his classmates as the year progresses.

Since Caroline didn’t have to start school on Monday, we took her to her favorite park. It was extra hot out, but she had an absolute blast.


And here’s a selfie of me (with a Snapchat filter, of course) after dropping my big boy off at school for his first day.


Tuesday was Caroline’s first day! She was so excited to be joining the PCA family. She walked right into her classroom with a quick hug and kiss for me, and never looked back. I was absolutely sure she was off to a fantastic start.

When I picked her up, she was in tears and hyperventilating when I got there. Apparently, another student had gone home earlier and she was now convinced she had been abandoned by me. Poor little bird. She had 2 potty accidents that day, which is unusual for her. Probably just the change of routine and scenery.

While Robbie was at school, I got a message from his teacher about needing to send his homework folder BACK to school with him. I was absolutely sure that I had done that- I even triple checked his backpack before we walked out the door. Apparently, somewhere between drop-off and class time, he lost the folder. So a new one was procured from the front office for him.


Wednesday was smoother than Tuesday, for sure. Caroline only cried a tiny bit at drop off, but was quickly calmed by a friend she had made the day before (pictured above in the purple shirt), and was soon playing happily. She only had one accident. Robbie came home very enthusiastic and announced that it was his “best day so far”, so that was great to hear.


Thursday came and went without a fuss. Both kids eagerly headed in, chatting with excitement about the day to come. At pickup time, they both expressed disappointment in recess being indoors due to the heavy rainfall, but other than that, it was a great day for both. I snapped a photo of Caroline, but Robbie wanted nothing to do with my pictures.


Robbie was buzzing with excitement about Friday, “the last day before the WEEKEND, mom!” Charlie was equally thrilled to be back at school, and was looking forward to seeing her new friend, E. At pickup, both seemed tired (and again, bummed about the constant rain), but very pleased with their day.


As a whole, I am extremely pleased with how this week has gone. While it had a bit of a rocky start, I think the week ended on great high notes. Now, we are all just enjoying our weekend together, relaxing and taking things one step at a time (even though the kids woke up a whole hour earlier than they would have on a school day today!). As the weeks progress, I am absolutely confident that they will both flourish this year. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Happy Weekend!


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