Another Week Gone

Well, it’s been another week(+) here in the Reynolds House, and here we are on Labor Day, preparing to start the 3rd week of school tomorrow. This last week was interesting, to say the least.

Robert had an excellent week at school, and we’ve really adjusted well to the new routine. The amount of homework he gets is a little on the high side for Kindergarten, but it’s not unmanageable. He got a 100% on a math test, which we are all very proud of. He’s my little superhero! I am so thrilled to see how well he’s growing up.

Poor Caroline didn’t have such a stellar week. Last Saturday night (the 26th), she began to run a fever. No other symptoms, just a fever. I figured it was her immune system on overdrive, dealing with the newness of being in a school setting. I was wrong. By Sunday night, the sniffles started, and on Monday the barking cough and a rash arrived. Tuesday brought the doctor, and a diagnosis of strep throat and a fever rash. By Thursday, the medicine wasn’t helping, and the rash had overtaken her trunk and upper limbs. Her skin was red and felt like sandpaper, and the fever and cough were unrelenting. So back to the doctor we went, for a new diagnosis. Scarlet Fever (which is essentially strep throat plus a terrible rash). A change in medication and a few days later, she’s nearly good as new, and is ready to take on the world tomorrow.

Looking Forward

This week very well may bring a major hurricane to our shores, and we are busy preparing for that. We do not have the resources to evacuate at this time, so we will be hunkering down and riding it out at a family member’s safe house, and hoping we have an apartment to return to once it’s over. Thankfully we have renters insurance with a hurricane and flooding policy.

We’ve got plenty of supplies, and will continue to gather more as the week passes. We should know by Thursday/Friday what Irma is doing, so we will know where in the cone of projection we fall. Of course, we are praying she turns out to sea, but that’s highly unlikely. As of today, she is a Category 4, with potential to turn into a Cat 5 before reaching us. Keep everyone in the path of this storm in your prayers.


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