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Hurricanes and Life

Hey, friends! 

It’s been a good while since I’ve updated, and for good reason. Irma happened. She came, she saw, she conquered, and even though we didn’t see her eye like predicted, we are still reeling in the aftermath. 

Our area is still about half without power, and residents are trickling back in after evacuating. Stores and offices are slowly re-opening, though grocery stores shelves remain pretty bare. The shrubbery damage is massive, while for the most part, structures remain whole here on the east coast. 

I’m going to give you a brief re-cap of our last ~10 days. 

Before the Storm

We spent the week before the storm preparing. We stocked up on essentials, double checked our insurance policies, and made our emergency plans. We packed up our most precious possessions (including our sweet dogs- more about them later!) and went to bunker up at my parents’ super-fortified house on Friday the 8th. When I say super-fortified, I mean it! Incredible structural integrity, fully shuttered, has a massive generator, and most importantly, contains the most Hurricane prepared human I know- my father. 

 My aunt and uncle arrived the 9th, and we settled in to ride the storm out. It was a bit of a full house (6 adults, 2 kids, 3 dogs!) but it was a house full of memories and laughter. I wouldn’t have wanted to ride the storm out with anyone else. These are my people. 
I had planned to photo-document our experience, but due to being laid up, only got some low-quality cellphone photos… so those will have to do!

During the Storm

The outer bands of Irma arrived on the afternoon of the 9th. Winds were picking up, and Ryan and I decided to walk the dogs  for a good round of exercise before they became cooped up for the weekend. Halfway through our walk, my clumsy butt tripped on an uneven bit of pavement, and down I went, crushing my left foot in the process. Since the storm was upon us, I had to wait it out to seek medical attention. That was VERY painful and not fun, but it certainly made Irma more memorable. 

All throughout Saturday, the winds and rain came through in bands. I spent the majority of the day on the couch with my foot elevated like a flagpole, icing it on and off in 20 minute increments. The power flickered a few times on Saturday, but held steady. As evening set in, we all ate a hot meal, knowing that come morning, we would be living without power. Our phones were going crazy, and tornado after tornado touched down in our county. During a moment of calm, my dad checked the yard- 2 trees down. Throughout the weekend, the kids got to spend some time with one of their favorite people- Uncle Rick! Caroline especially loved snuggling with him and getting in some quality story time. 

Sunday, the worst of the storm arrived. The shutters rattled and it sounded like a freight train was coming through. The power blinked continually, but miraculously, still held strong. The kids made ‘Hurricane cookies’ with Aunt Debbie, which took a long time to make, but were absolutely delicious! 

The dogs were nervous, but they were absolute angels during this whole ordeal. Ella and Bruce snuggled up together to ride it out, while Bronx (my parents dog) barked at the rattling shutters, in an effort to protect his house. 

After the Storm

Monday morning brought the end of Irma in our area, and by Monday afternoon, we could venture outside. For me, this meant finally being able to seek medical attention for my foot. I still could not bear weight on it at all, or wiggle my toes. I was able to get a temporary plaster cast and crutches, with instructions to follow up with an orthopedic specialist to address the floating bone fragments and the need for an MRI to assess ligament damage (I’m STILL trying to get an appointment with one!). As of this blog (Friday the 15) I am able to lightly bear  minimal weight on the foot, even though it is still grossly bruised and swollen, and very tender. 

Our apartment was without power, so we opted to stay with my parents until that changed. The guys did yard work to clear away the debris, and then worked to clear all the leaves and branches out of the pool, which Robbie LOVED. 

Tuesday brought my birthday, and it was about as uneventful as it could possibly be. We determined that we would celebrate properly sometime next week, since we didn’t have cake, balloons, or even a hot meal to eat all together. So it came and went as just another day. My grandfather and brother did call me, and I got text messages from 2 of my out of town aunts. So that was nice, to be thought of. That night, Ryan went to check on our apartment again, and the power came on while he was there! So we got to go home on Tuesday night- happy birthday to me! 

Wednesday came and went with minimal fanfare, and Thursday + Friday brought school for the kids. Even though our district  public schools don’t officially re-open until Monday, their school opened Thursday (mainly to get the kids out of the parents hair during hurricane recovery, I think!). Robbie was excited because they didn’t have to wear uniforms for these two days, and got to pretty much just play and watch movies. It was a nice break to have for both Ryan and me, for sure. Me, while I continue to heal, and Ryan, as he goes back to work while juggling all the clean-up and repair that comes with Hurricane recovery. I can’t wait for my business to be up and running again once everyone is home and doing well, and to have access to a computer again for my writing (still no wi-fi or cable, and Ryan still has to re-assemble my computer, so this blog is via phone). 

All in all, it was an eventful 10 days, and I hope we don’t have to repeat it again this hurricane season. Especially the whole broken foot thing. Ouch. 

Well, that’s all for now! 

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