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Best Laid Plans

Today, my family and I attempted to go out and have fun. Our day started like a typical Saturday- with Swim Team practice for Robert, and Swim Lessons for Caroline. After the pool stuff wrapped up, we planned to head down to Miami to hit the Zoo, since we have a membership.

The forecast said storms were coming by lunchtime, and the truth of that inevitability billowed on the horizon. So we opted for our backup plan- The Museum of Discovery and Science, to which we also have a membership. Can you tell we are ‘membership’ people?

So we loaded into the car and off we went, through the now-falling rain, determined to have fun. We arrived in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale and parked (which cost a lot more than usual because there was a Ballet this afternoon). We get to the museum doors after marveling at how empty the courtyard was… and…

They were closed.

Yep. They are hosting a Gala tonight, so the museum is closed all day in preparation. I thought I was losing my mind- I had checked Google and it said they were open today as usual, as did their website. Only the big sign on the locked doors told us otherwise. The disappointment was palpable. Ryan was peeved because we had just spent more than $10 on parking, I was upset because I still hadn’t had my morning coffee yet, and the kids were disappointed because we now had no plans. As we stood there, scrambling for another backup plan, several other families approached, now facing the same disappointing dilemma as they read the sign.

As we were preparing to dash back to our car, we noticed the bounce houses sitting in the rain across the street. There was a Halloween Festival! We scurried across the road (sans umbrella, because who comes prepared? Not me!) to check it out. It was a Trick-or-Treat style carnival, and it was FREE. So of course, we stayed, despite the rain. We hopped from tent to tent, the kids played the various games, and won prizes and candy. It wound up being a blast.

They got to play, decorate little pumpkins, and bounce in the castles. Once we had hit every single tent and filled their bags with candy and prizes, we headed back over to the museum courtyard for a snack, and we had a little dance party.

As we left, Robbie expressed that “even though the museum was closed and it was too rainy for the zoo, this was still an amazing family time. I had so much fun. Thank you for letting us stay and play!” Caroline echoed the sentiment, and as a parent, that warmed my heart. Despite our plans going completely awry, we still managed to pull some fun out of it all, and the kids had a blast. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Moment of transparency though- if that festival hadn’t been there, I’m still not really sure what we would have done! What are some of your favorite go-to rainy day activities with your kids? We need more places to go!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for some exclusive information from behind-the-scenes of Echaria Rising, which will be posted ~some time~ before Halloween! If you don’t know about Echaria Rising, check out This Blog Post,  in which I explain everything.

Until next time!


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