Echaria Rising

Echaria Rising – The Official Update

Well, friends, it’s time for an official update, plus a bit of a behind the scenes peek at how things are going! There are a few things I want to mention, so I’m going to tackle them in no particular order.

Book Launch

Speaking of the book launch, we have a tentative date! If all goes according to plan and stays on the projected timeline, Echaria Rising will officially launch on

May 11, 2018!

I know, that seems so far away! I’m over here sitting on my hands in anticipation, but there is still so much to do in the next 6 months before the launch. Namely, do a second round of revisions, submit the proof PDF to my Beta Reading team (more on that in a minute!), and then make sure the formatting is absolutely perfect. And that’s not including marketing and drumming up support so the launch isn’t a total flop!

Cover Art

Yes, the cover art for Echaria Rising is finished! I am so excited to show it to you today. This is the cover for Kindle- the full paperback cover is still a secret until a bit closer to the book launch! I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and already have cover concepts in the works for the next few books in the series.

Untitled design (3)

World Map

Another huge piece of the book design is complete- the map! It was so incredible to see this world go from my mind to a vibrant, colorful image, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Every book will include a black-and-white version of the map, but color maps will be made available as well (more info on that below). But here is the map in all her (low quality to prevent too many spoilers) glory!

Echaria Final - COLOR


With a good launch comes pre-ordering. I have had several people ask if there will be pre-ordering available, and the answer is YES! In late February I will open up sign-ups for pre-ordering. If you choose to pre-order, your books will be signed and hand-wrapped by me, and will include a professional color print of the map. The pre-order price will also be slightly discounted, so if you want to save a few bucks, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

Beta Reading Team

If you feel like you absolutely can’t wait to get your hands on this story, then this opportunity may be for you! I have 3 spots left on my Beta Reading team, and I am accepting applications to fill the positions. All Beta Team members will receive a free paperback copy of the book once it is published, and a color print of the map.


  • Must enjoy reading, and enjoy fantasy
  • Must be able to finish the book within 3 weeks time
  • Must have a device that can load PDF files, since that is the format you will receive it in.
  • Must be able to give appropriate feedback on pacing, character development, plot structure, and your overall opinion of the story.
  • Must be 16+.
  • Must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you feel that this position would be a great fit for you, please apply using the Contact Form. In the message section, please describe yourself, and why you think you’d be a great addition to my Beta Team. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

The Beta Team will be reading and reviewing the manuscript in late December / early January.


I would love to hear from you! Leave your questions or feedback below, or shoot me an email through the Contact Form. Let’s talk!

Until next time, friends.


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