Halloween Happenings

Halloween came and went, and for our family, it was spectacular! We
L O V E Halloween and all it’s happenings in our house, so of course we went out and celebrated. The kids had school, so they grudgingly went after I promised to make the night epic. When I picked them up, they were brimming with excitement for the festivities to come.

Our first stop was to my parents’ home, where we carved pumpkins!


After the pumpkins were carved, we donned our costumes and went out to collect some treats! Robert was Optimus Prime, Caroline was Princess Elena, and I was, as usual, a cat.


Our first stop was Publix. Each department had a bucket, and the kids walked the store and collected quite a bit of candy! Plus, they got to visit their daddy at work, so that was a plus.


After Publix, we moved to their school for the Trunk-or-Treat. They got to meet up with some friends, and they played games, sang songs, and collected candy until their buckets were literally overflowing. We had to empty them into secondary bags at this point, so we could continue the night!


After we had maxed out at the Trunk-or-Treat, we moved back to the neighborhood for a round of door-to-door. This proved fruitful, and once again their buckets were filled to capacity. I’ve never seen so much Halloween candy in my life!



The kids were pretty tuckered by the end of it all, and were asleep within 15 minutes of getting home. All in all, it was a HUGE success. They woke up this morning talking about how much fun they had, and how much they love Halloween. Me too, kiddos. Me too.



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