Personal Thoughts

Her Gemini Heart

Her Gemini Heart is one of the pieces that will be featured in the poetry collection The Galaxies Inside My Mind, coming October 11, 2018 to Amazon and Kindle.

The twins came into my life suddenly
Laughing, healing,
Bringing friendship
Without condition or clause

She was a dancer
He was a scholar
So different, but sharing one heart
Like they once shared a womb

His smile and quick wit
Stole my heart
With every passing day
I knew I was in love

Her kindness and graceful beauty
Left me breathless
She touched my soul
And I was in love

As a child I was taught
That love had a right
And love had a wrong
And it was absolute

And now here I was
At war with my Gemini Heart
Struggling to find my place
In this game called love

To love him would be ‘right’
To love her would be ‘wrong’
To love them both would be
The ‘absolute perversion of love’

But I loved them both silently
With all of my heart
His warmth
Her light

When I was a child
Bisexuality wasn’t a term
Used to describe people,
Much less in my social circle

So I struggled with my
Gemini Heart
Quietly loving on both sides
of the fence of sexuality

Never knowing that my heart
Was not alone, that it was not
An abomination, this thing in my
Chest split by two desires

As I grew, I dated men
And silently wished I could
Openly pursue that beautiful
Girl who took my breath away

But out of fear of retribution
I silenced my Gemini Heart
And closed off that part of myself,
Afraid to reveal it to the world

Now in my adulthood
My relationship looks ‘right’
And it would seem that I’ve chosen
One side of the fence of sexuality

But I am still the same girl
With the wildly beating,
Passionately loving,
Gemini Heart

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