What is Echaria Rising?

If you are here, you are wondering what Echaria Rising is, and why I keep blabbing on about it. Don't worry, friends! I have answers! What is Echaria Rising? Echaria Rising is the first installment in The Echarian Chronicles series, written by yours truly! It will be published under K. M. Reynolds, but that's still… Continue reading What is Echaria Rising?


Our Merry Time on The Disney Dream

Hey, friends! I'm back! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my family took a nice cruise last week. We went on The Disney Dream for their 'Merrytime' cruise, which is Christmas themed. Mercy Me (the band) and the voice cast of Adventures in Odyssey were also on board, so we got to… Continue reading Our Merry Time on The Disney Dream


Happy Birthday, Caroline!

It's true. This morning, at 6:58 am, my little bird turned 3 years old. I'm a bit in denial that it's been three whole years since I first held her and saw her sweet face... but oh, what a joyous three it has been. She was born on a cloudy Tuesday morning, in a stark… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Echaria Rising

Echaria Rising – The Official Update

Well, friends, it's time for an official update, plus a bit of a behind the scenes peek at how things are going! There are a few things I want to mention, so I'm going to tackle them in no particular order. Book Launch Speaking of the book launch, we have a tentative date! If all… Continue reading Echaria Rising – The Official Update

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Best Laid Plans

Today, my family and I attempted to go out and have fun. Our day started like a typical Saturday- with Swim Team practice for Robert, and Swim Lessons for Caroline. After the pool stuff wrapped up, we planned to head down to Miami to hit the Zoo, since we have a membership. The forecast said… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

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The Details in the DNA

I'm adopted. That's not a secret, and never has been. It's always been a huge part of my story, and has greatly shaped who I am as a person. It has brought me a lot of pain, and it took years of therapy for me to even come to grips with this part of my… Continue reading The Details in the DNA

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Be a Helper – Ramblings of a Brokenhearted Mom

Sometimes, I wonder why I had children. I look at this world and my heart weeps. And breaks. And wonders, "What will be left for the children to inherit?" There is so much violence, so much hate. So much willful ignorance. So much death. Natural disasters erupt around every corner, Driving families from their homes… Continue reading Be a Helper – Ramblings of a Brokenhearted Mom

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Something’s Coming

There's something huge on the horizon for me. Lately, "Something's Coming" from West Side Story has been my personal anthem, because I can relate to Tony's excitement about the huge changes in store for the future. Could be!  Who knows?  There's something due any day;  I will know right away,  Soon as it shows.  It… Continue reading Something’s Coming

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Pumpkins and Pregnancy Loss

Well, October is here, with all of its associated fabulous festivities. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and we have several standing traditions here in our house. Halloween cookies, Decorating, A different holiday appropriate movie every night, flashlight ghost stories, pumpkin carving, and of course, the main event- the costumes and candy collecting. October is… Continue reading Pumpkins and Pregnancy Loss