What is #Project501

Project 501 is a massive bucket list of 501 things I want to do with my children at some point. It covers things from skipping rocks and sidewalk chalk to international travel. I’ve broken the list down into basic categories for easier perusal, but it’s all here! My master list of Parenthood want-to’s.

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Places to Travel / Vacation

  1. Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
  2. Sanibel Island
  3. Walt Disney Resort
  4. High Hampton Inn
  5. Mexico
  6. Canada
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. England
  9. Ireland
  10. Scotland
  11. Brazil
  12. France
  13. Switzerland
  14. Italy
  15. India
  16. Hawaii
  17. The Atlantis Resort, Bahamas


Places to Go


  1. Red Reef Beach
  2. The Pompano Pier
  3. Las Olas
  4. The Young at Art Museum
  5. Miami Children’s Museum
  6. The Museum of Discovery and Science
  7. Islands of Adventure
  8. Rapids Water Park
  9. Butterfly World
  10. Magic Kingdom
  11. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  12. Animal Kingdom
  13. Legoland
  14. The Keys
  15. Miami Zoo
  16. Palm Beach Zoo
  17. Lion Country Safari
  18. Miami Seaquarium
  19. Busch Gardens
  20. Sea World
  21. Gumbo Limbo
  22. Bok Tower Gardens
  23. Crystal River
  24. Rainbow Springs
  25. Winter Park
  26. Falling Waters State Park
  27. Tigertail Beach
  28. Ravine Gardens State Park
  29. Bill Baggs Cape
  30. Blowing Rocks Preserve
  31. Eat at the Goblin Market Restaurant
  32. Morikami Museum
  33. Fl Caverns State Park
  34. Hollywood Beach Boardwalk
  35. Viscaya
  36. Paines Prairie Preserve
  37. Devil’s Millhopper
  38. Universal Studios
  39. Weeki Wachi
  40. Billy Swamp Safari
  41. NASA/ Cape Canaveral
  42. St Augustine
  43. Jackson’s Ice Cream Parlor
  44. Discovery Cove



  1. Dillards Farm
  2. Little Sliding Rock
  3. The New Hampshire lakehouse
  4. New York City
  5. Tisch Children’s Zoo
  6. Washington DC
  7. Boston
  8. Focus on the Family in CO
  9. The Air Force Academy
  10. West Point
  11. Yankee Stadium (walk on the field)
  12. Sun Life Stadium (walk on the field)
  13. Texas A&M
  14. The Grand Canyon
  15. California
  16. Las Vegas
  17. Mt Rushmore
  18. Monterey Bay Aquarium
  19. St Louis Zoo
  20. Cedar Point
  21. 6 Flags
  22. Carowinds
  23. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  24. Baltimore National Aquarium
  25. Visit Old Williamsburg and Jamestown
  26. Acadia National Park
  27. The Hoover Dam
  28. Boston Common
  29. The Sears Tower
  30. The big ball of Yarn
  31. The Lindt factory in Switzerland
  32. The Taj Mahal
  33. Buckingham Palace
  34. The Bronx Zoo
  35. The Mall of America
  36. Niagara Falls
  37. Xcaret
  38. The Alamo
  39. Callaway Gardens
  40. Dollywood
  41. Graceland
  42. Yellowstone
  43. The Vatican
  44. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  45. French Quarter of New Orleans
  46. Gettysburg National Battlefield
  47. Independence Hall
  48. Ellis Island Museum
  49. The Met Museum
  50. MLK Jrs Tomb
  51. The Library of Congress
  52. Myrtle Beach
  53. Cake Boss Store


Things to do

  1. Go to a local park
  2. Sidewalk chalk
  3. Bubble blowing contest
  4. Play chubby bunny
  5. Skip Rocks
  6. Bake cookies from scratch
  7. Bake a cake from scratch
  8. Finger paint
  9. Have a water balloon fight
  10. Have an egg toss
  11. Go to a carnival
  12. Do a fun-run 5k
  13. Go horseback riding
  14. Go to the movies
  15. Go to a Hockey Game
  16. Go to a craft fair
  17. Go to an NFL game
  18. Go to an NHL game
  19. Take a day cruise
  20. Take a 3-5 day cruise
  21. Take a trans-Atlantic cruise
  22. Ride on jet-skis
  23. Learn to water ski
  24. Learn to wake board
  25. Teach them to drive a boat
  26. Flip off a tube while Papa drives
  27. Float down the Pemigewasset in inner tubes
  28. Ride a camel
  29. Ride elephants
  30. Whale watching in Cape Cod
  31. Attend Florida Supercon
  32. Set off fireworks
  33. Have a campfire with marshmallows
  34. Climb Mt. Major
  35. Attend a concert
  36. Attend a musical
  37. Go to story time at a local library
  38. Ride in a helicopter
  39. Go night bowling
  40. Skate at Rockefeller Center
  41. See the RCMH Rockettes
  42. Go to glow-in-the-dark mini golf
  43. Plant a garden
  44. Grow our own tomatoes
  45. Collect all the classic Disney DVDs
  46. Marathon watch all the Harry Potter Movies
  47. Marathon Watch all the Star Wars Movies
  48. Take a day trip to Disney
  49. Take a 3+ day Disney trip
  50. Ride an Amtrak train
  51. Climb a mountain
  52. Swim with dolphins
  53. Go to Build-a-Bear
  54. Take a ferry to Lady Liberty
  55. Ride a NYC Subway
  56. Climb the Washington Monument
  57. Take selfies at big NYC landmarks
  58. Attend a Broadway show in NYC
  59. Take a photo on the Golden Gate Bridge
  60. Visit all 50 states
  61. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  62. Swim in the Gulf of Mexico
  63. Buy a fresh lobster in Maine
  64. Ride the Mt. Washington
  65. Drive the Kancamagus Highway
  66. Drive into the White Mountains
  67. Go to a drive-in movie
  68. Make it to the top of Mt Rigi
  69. Take a ferry on Lake Lucerne
  70. Pet a lion
  71. Go deep sea fishing
  72. Family Mission trip
  73. Have “backwards day”
  74. Bake cookies for firefighters and law enforcement
  75. Go camping
  76. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  77. Get matching tattoos
  78. Make a lemonade stand
  79. Have a family game of trouble
  80. Drive to New Hampshire
  81. Go to a Wedding
  82. Sign up for Swim America and get to level 10
  83. Take Karate
  84. Take a dance class
  85. Learn CPR
  86. Do a comprehensive sex ed weekend to cover things the school system probably doesn’t
  87. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  88. Pack “love bags” and pass them out
  89. Spend so long in the pool we get pruny
  90. Put too many bubbles in the bath tub
  91. Pick wildflowers
  92. Make a volcano
  93. Fly a kite
  94. Go to a farmers market
  95. Visit a farm
  96. Go to a rodeo
  97. Feed a giraffe
  98. Go on a canoe
  99. Ride an airboat
  100. Have a “harmless prank” day
  101. Skip school to go to the beach
  102. Ear piercing day
  103. Visit a retirement home
  104. Visit an old cemetary
  105. Get library cards
  106. Paint the walls in the bedrooms
  107. Bake a birthday cake
  108. Go to the Swap Shop
  109. See a magician
  110. Build a blanket fort
  111. Build a clubhouse out of cardboard boxes
  112. Get as muddy as possible
  113. Have a paint fight
  114. Feed the fish at a pond
  115. Go to an aquarium
  116. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  117. Adopt a rescue dog
  118. Go to the beach to watch the sun rise
  119. Stay up all night doing silly things
  120. Ride the SheiKra in the front row
  121. Raise a Ladybug Farm
  122. Raise a Butterfly Farm
  123. Raise an Ant Farm
  124. Build the best sand castle ever
  125. Take a Road Trip to visit Uncle Pat
  126. Go to Halloween Horror Nights
  127. Record ourselves singing
  128. Make our own soap
  129. Roadtrip to visit the cousins
  130. Dance in the Rain (but NOT while it’s lightning!)
  131. Have a Hurricane Party
  132. Attend a Midnight Movie premier
  133. Go swimming after sunset
  134. Swim Across Front Bay
  135. Tie Dye t-shirts
  136. Ride the Tradewinds Train
  137. Go to Disney on Ice
  138. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  139. Make our own Play-Dough
  140. Share a giant ice cream sundae
  141. Have a DEAR day
  142. Ride 4-wheelers
  143. Make height charts
  144. Go to Fleet Week
  145. Eat at Rainforest Café
  146. Fill a bookshelf with books
  147. Go to Karaoke Night
  148. Go Parasailing
  149. Bury ourselves in the sand
  150. Dig for earthworms
  151. Catch tadpoles
  152. Splash in puddles barefoot
  153. Ride a paddleboat
  154. Go ice skating
  155. Go roller skating
  156. Plant a faerie garden
  157. Dress up for Ren fest
  158. Swim an underground River
  159. Swim with sharks
  160. Catch Lightning bugs
  161. Build a snowman
  162. Have a snowball fight
  163. Go to Chuck-e-Cheese
  164. Meet Mickey Mouse
  165. Have a tea party
  166. Collect sand dollars
  167. Bike ride the everglades trail
  168. Go regular mini golfing
  169. Fill a 2 qt bottle with coins
  170. Implement a chores/earning chart
  171. Catch some scary looking bugs
  172. Try a new food
  173. Bungee jumping
  174. Sky diving
  175. Go kayaking
  176. Take a ghost tour
  177. Ride a duck boat
  178. See the Liberty Bell
  179. Touch a stingray
  180. Watch a sea turtle laying eggs
  181. Play go fish
  182. Throw the most epic birthday party ever
  183. Have an end-of-school bash
  184. Have a pajama day
  185. Eat dessert for breakfast
  186. Eat breakfast for dinner
  187. Have pizza for breakfast
  188. Read the Trumpet of the Swan aloud
  189. Go on a picnic
  190. Make our own bubble mix
  191. Wash a car
  192. Make our own silly putty/slime
  193. Pick strawberries
  194. Have a barbeque
  195. Read the same chapter book together
  196. Play checkers
  197. Play hopscotch
  198. Visit a fire station
  199. Visit a police station
  200. Collect sea shells
  201. Play I-Spy
  202. Have a water balloon fight
  203. Have a water gun fight
  204. Have a shaving cream war
  205. Play 20 questions whipped cream edition
  206. Buy from the ice cream truck
  207. Eat hot dogs from a street vendor in NYC
  208. Slip n Slide
  209. Play in the sprinklers
  210. Do a Zumba workout
  211. Do yoga
  212. Go paddle boarding
  213. See real wild manatees
  214. Bake cupcakes
  215. Paint rocks
  216. Make pottery
  217. Go on a Gruffalo hunt
  218. See a wild bear
  219. See a wild deer
  220. Visit a ranch
  221. Watch a discovery Channel documentary
  222. color our hair wacky colors
  223. make macaroni art
  224. make ants on a log
  225. count the alligators on the sawgrass
  226. eat at cracker barrel
  227. take a family photo in bathrobes
  228. have “pamper day” with facials and masks
  229. Make lip-sync videos
  230. Tell ghost stories
  231. Jog a mile
  232. Be a chaperone on a field trip
  233. Read Little House series out loud
  234. Pet an alligator
  235. Have Natalie stay for a weekend
  236. Help with the senior pranks
  237. Take a kickboxing class
  238. Play shaving cream twister
  239. Make jello
  240. Play croquet
  241. Have a yard sale
  242. Make a family time capsule
  243. Have a fondue night
  244. Have a Disney movie marathon
  245. Bed jumping contest
  246. Pogo stick contest
  247. Go to a haunted house
  248. Go on a hayride
  249. Plant a pineapple
  250. Make greeting cards
  251. Make Popsicles
  252. Have a murder mystery dinner
  253. Make yearly photo albums
  254. Make our own board game
  255. Make a family canvas painting
  256. Make family jersey t-shirts
  257. Walk down Hollywood Blvd
  258. Dip our toes in the Mississippi River
  259. Attend the birth of a baby
  260. Play Tennis as a family
  261. Play basketball as a family
  262. Make snow angels
  263. Make a rainbow paper chain
  264. Watch a meteor shower
  265. Watch an eclipse
  266. Make a family favorites recipe book
  267. Collect the Nancy Drew books
  268. Collect the Hardy Boys books
  269. Go to an animal-free circus
  270. Keep little jars of sand from places we visit
  271. Have a sack race
  272. Pretend to be tourists
  273. Have a headstand contest
  274. Go to a shooting range
  275. Get a Family Caricature
  276. Attend a Graduation
  277. Make jelly from scratch
  278. Eat at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant
  279. Make lasting friends at the park
  280. Enter a Family Talent Show
  281. Make a cookie pie pizza
  282. Go to a ballet
  283. Wear entirely matching outfits
  284. Learn a full hula dance
  285. Hug a Redwood
  286. Camp in the living room
  287. Make sock puppets
  288. Make a Family Pyramid
  289. Research our genealogy and make a tree
  290. Meet someone super famous
  291. Take a homeless person to lunch
  292. Play flashlight tag
  293. Build the tallest lego tower in the history of ever
  294. Ride a city bus
  295. Ride a monorail at Disney
  296. Go to a concert at an amusement park
  297. Audition for a commercial
  298. Visit a train yard
  299. Climb a huge tree
  300. Go on a 5+ mile bike ride
  301. Ride horses on the beach
  302. Spend the night in an aquarium
  303. Spend the night at a zoo
  304. Ride Splash Mountain in the front row
  305. Do an overnight mule trek in Grand Canyon
  306. Drive Highway 1 in CA
  307. Make a paint slip-n-slide
  308. Have an outdoor food fight
  309. Decorate the car
  310. Bake danishes
  311. Pick apples
  312. Pick oranges
  313. Make banana bread
  314. Catch fish
  315. Have a silly diving contest
  316. Collect sea glass
  317. Ride the Dumbo ride
  318. Get matching wellies
  319. Plant trees
  320. Make a piñata
  321. Complete a 500 piece puzzle
  322. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
  323. Complete a 1500 piece puzzle
  324. Go thrifting
  325. Make paper planes
  326. Paint faces
  327. Have a snail race
  328. Play the “Awkward Game”
  329. Write a play
  330. Publish a children’s book
  331. Have them each guest-entry on my blog
  332. Have a puberty party
  333. Go earth walking/grounding
  334. Meditate together
  335. Write a family song
  336. Make a birthday hat you have to wear
  337. Go to Mommycon
  338. Chase the end of a rainbow
  339. Do a barefoot wine press
  340. Tour a news station
  341. Watch a bird hatch from an egg
  342. Daddy daughter date night
  343. Daddy son date night
  344. Mommy daughter date night
  345. Mommy son date night
  346. Pet a porcupine
  347. Hold a giant snake
  348. Press flowers
  349. Press autumn leaves
  350. Snorkel in the Bahamas
  351. Take a picture with the TARDIS
  352. Have Dr. Seuss Day
  353. Read The BFG out loud
  354. Marathon The LOTR movies
  355. Marathon The Hobbit movies
  356. Take a jeep safari
  357. Help run a haunted house
  358. Have a vow renewal plus family vows
  359. Make flower bouquets for the elderly
  360. Fly first class in-country
  361. Take a first class international flight
  362. Ride in an itty bitty plane
  363. Pet cows
  364. Play the coin flip road trip
  365. Have a murder mystery family night
  366. Host a huge game of Assassin
  367. Go truck-bed stargazing
  368. Attend an opera
  369. Attend a Symphony


Holiday Themed

  1. Build a gingerbread house
  2. Get a real Christmas Tree
  3. Go Christmas caroling
  4. Have a NYE party
  5. Make handmade valentines for the class
  6. Dye our hair green for St Patty’s
  7. Have a color-coded Easter egg hunt
  8. Go to a St Patty’s Parade
  9. Go to a Christmas Parade
  10. Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  11. Host Thanksgiving
  12. Host Christmas
  13. Host Easter
  14. Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest
  15. Make Christmas Eve Boxes
  16. Carve the coolest pumpkins ever
  17. Dress up for Halloween as a theme
  18. Have a July 4thParty