Personal Thoughts

Her Gemini Heart

Her Gemini Heart is one of the pieces that will be featured in the poetry collection The Galaxies Inside My Mind, coming October 11, 2018 to Amazon and Kindle. The twins came into my life suddenly Laughing, healing, Bringing friendship Without condition or clause She was a dancer He was a scholar So different, but… Continue reading Her Gemini Heart

Echaria Rising

Echaria Rising – Chapter 1 – Sneak Peek!

As the release of Echaria Rising moves closer and closer, I wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peek. After much consideration, I have decided to share Chapter 1 with you. I hope you enjoy! CHAPTER 1 - GRAN The familiar smell of dried lavender and cedar washed over Adelaide as she opened… Continue reading Echaria Rising – Chapter 1 – Sneak Peek!