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Hurricanes and Life

Hey, friends!  It's been a good while since I've updated, and for good reason. Irma happened. She came, she saw, she conquered, and even though we didn't see her eye like predicted, we are still reeling in the aftermath.  Our area is still about half without power, and residents are trickling back in after evacuating.… Continue reading Hurricanes and Life

FAMILY, Personal Thoughts

Summer is almost gone!

Damn... I didn't blog personally at ALL this summer! Whoops. A lot happened- business picked up even more, we went on an awesome vacation, and I did a lot of personal growth. So, to briefly recap, since pictures are each worth 1,000 words (although if you follow me on Instagram, some of these are old… Continue reading Summer is almost gone!


Making the Most of the Moments I’m Given

Hey there, internet. I'm Kim, and I'm here to re-vamp this website that I have sorely neglected for the past 9 months. I'm a mom, wife, doula, and photographer located in South Florida. I had a [relatively popular but not anything crazy] blog for several years before I stepped away from the land of blogging.… Continue reading Making the Most of the Moments I’m Given